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Seabus Kea.jpg
Kea crossing the Waitemata Harbour
Namesake: Kea
Commissioned: 1988
Homeport: Auckland
General characteristics
Class and type: Commercial Passenger Ferry
Displacement: 341 tons [1]
Length: 27.09 metres[2]
Beam: 10 metres[2]
Speed: 12 knots[2]
Complement: 411 passengers
Crew: 2

M.V. Kea (sometimes called the Seabus Kea) is a commercial passenger ferry that operates the busy Devonport-Downtown Auckland express route for Fullers Ferries (Auckland's largest ferry operator). The Kea operates a regular service departing from Downtown Auckland every half-hour. [3]

The Kea was purpose-built in Whangarei[citation needed] for Fullers, and entered service in 1988 as the 14th ferry of the company. [4]

The Kea can carry approximately 400 passengers on her two passenger decks[citation needed], while the bridge area forms a third deck. Her distinctive design is similar to earlier Auckland ferries in that she is longitudinally symmetrical, effectively meaning that she can be driven both ways, so that no U-Turns at the starts or finishes of crossings have to be made. This enables the Kea to maintain a half-hourly express service between Downtown Auckland and Devonport.

In 2007, she was removed from the water and given a substantial overhaul in a shipyard in the Western Reclamation, including major work on both engines.[5]

Fullers would also prefer to commission a second ferry for the Devonport service. However (as of 2007) the investment of around NZ$ 4.5 million for a duplicate of the Kea is considered too risky.[6]

In 2006, the Kea was involved in a minor collision at the Auckland Ferry Terminal with the moored Starflyte, due to steering failure. [1]

In February 2015, the Kea was again involved in a collision, this time at the Devonport Ferry Terminal, no other vessel was involved.[7]


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