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Kealan Patrick Burke
Born Kealan Patrick Burke
(1976-08-04) 4 August 1976 (age 41)
Dungarvan, County Waterford, Ireland
Occupation Writer, Anthologist, Photographer, Book cover designer.
Nationality Irish
Genre Crime fiction, Mystery fiction, Dark fantasy, Horror fiction
Notable works The Timmy Quinn series, Kin

Kealan Patrick Burke (born in Dungarvan, Ireland) is an author. Some of his works include the novels Kin, Currency of Souls, Master of the Moors, and The Hides (Bram Stoker Award nominee), the novellas The Turtle Boy (Bram Stoker Award Winner, 2004) and Vessels, and the collections Ravenous Ghosts, The Number 121 to Pennsylvania & Others, Theater Macabre and The Novellas. He has also appeared in a number of publications, including Postscripts, Cemetery Dance, Grave Tales, Shivers II, Shivers III, Shivers IV, Looking Glass, Masques V, Subterranean #1, Evermore, Inhuman, Horror World, Surreal Magazine, and Corpse Blossoms.

Aside from his accomplishments as an author, Kealan also edited the anthologies: Taverns of the Dead (recipient of a starred review in Publishers Weekly), Brimstone Turnpike, Quietly Now: A Tribute to Charles L. Grant (International Horror Guild Award Nominee, 2004), the charity anthology Tales from the Gorezone and Night Visions 12.

An 8-minute short film based on his short story "Peekers" was written by author Rick Hautala, and was directed by Mark Steensland.[1] A feature film adaptation is currently in development from Lionsgate Entertainment, written by Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard ("Oculus", "Soma") and produced by Lawrence Grey.

In 2009 Burke played the lead in the Independent film "Slime City Massacre", alongside Debbie Rochon.[2] Burke won Best Actor at the 2010 PollyGrind Film Festival with his portrayal of Cory.

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Kealan Patrick Burke was the first writer for what Underland Press called a Wovel (a web-novel). It was an ongoing novel, almost in the style of a Choose Your Own Adventure book. As the author writes it, the readers vote on which direction the story will go.

Long Fiction[edit]

Timmy Quinn series[edit]

Series of novels and novellas featuring the character known as Timmy Quinn.

Short fiction collections[edit]

  • Ravenous Ghosts (Dark Essential Series Book #3) (3F Publications, 2003 and reissued by Delirium Books, July 2004)


Introduction – Jack Cady
"Familiar Faces"
"The Barbed Lady Wants for Nothing"
"The Binding"
"The Wrong Pocket"
"Sparrow Man"
"The Room Beneath the Stairs"
"Editor's Choice"
"From Hamlin to Harpersville"
"Cold Skin"
"Not While I'm Around"
"Someone to Carve the Pumpkins"
"The Man Who Breaks the Bad News"
"The Defenseless"
"Haunting Ground"
Afterword – Gary Braunbeck


"The Grief Frequency"
"The Number 121 to Pennsylvania"
"Mr. Goodnight" (short story version)
"High on the Vine" (previously unpublished short story)
"Tonight the Moon is Ours"
"Will You Tell Them I Died Quietly?"
"The Last Laugh"
Saturday Night At Eddie's (an original novella)
"Mr. Goodnight" (original screenplay version)
Story Notes


"Head in the Clouds"
"How the Night Receives Them"
"The Acquaintance"
"The Unborn"
"Long Distance"
"The Wrong Side of the Bed"
"The Tradition"
"Not Quite Ghosts"
"They See You When You're Sleeping"
"From the Wall, A Whisper"
"Visiting Hours"
"Outside the Theater"
"A Letter from Phoenix"
"Eight Minutes"


"The Tent"
"You In?"
"Seldom Seen in August"


Anthologies as editor[edit]

"Preview of Brimstone Turnpike", edited by Kealan Patrick Burke (Cemetery Dance Publications, 2006)

Magazine appearances[edit]

  • Allen K's Inhuman Magazine No. 3, edited by Allen Koszowski – includes the short story "Tonight The Moon Is Ours"
  • Cemetery Dance No. 47 – includes the short story "Number 121 To Pennsylvania"
  • Cemetery Dance No. 51 – includes the short story "Mr. Goodnight"
  • Cemetery Dance No. 54 – includes the short story "Snowmen"
  • Cemetery Dance Presents: Grave Tales #5 – includes a comic book adaption by Glenn Chadbourne of the short story "Snowmen"
  • Postscripts No. 11 – includes the short story "Cobwebs"

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