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Keem Bay (Irish: Cuan na Cuime) is located past Dooagh village in the west of Achill Island in County Mayo, Ireland. It contains a Blue Flag beach.[1] The bay was formerly the site of a basking shark fishery.[2] There is an old British army lookout post on the top of Moyteoge to the bay's south. To the west is an old booley village, at Bunown. To the north stands Croaghaun, with some of Europe's highest cliffs. The road leading to Keem Bay (a cul-de-sac) is high with steep cliffs.

The beach is sheltered and offers opportunities for snorkelling.

Keem Bay


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Coordinates: 53°58′05″N 10°11′38″W / 53.9680°N 10.1939°W / 53.9680; -10.1939