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For the football player of the same name, see Keith Bostic (American football).
Keith Bostic
Born (1959-07-26) July 26, 1959 (age 56)
Residence Massachusetts[1]
Employer UC Berkeley CSRG; later, (until Feb. 2008), Sleepycat Software / Oracle Corporation
Known for nvi, FLOSS version of BSD UNIX

Keith Bostic (born July 26, 1959) is a computer programmer from the United States.

In 1986, Bostic joined the Computer Systems Research Group (CSRG) at the University of California, Berkeley.[2] He was one of the principal architects of the Berkeley 4.4BSD and 4.4BSD-Lite releases.[3] Among many other tasks, he led the effort at CSRG to create a free software version of BSD UNIX, which helped allow the creation of FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD.

Bostic was also one of the founders of Berkeley Software Design Inc. (BSDi),[3] which produced BSD/OS, a proprietary version of BSD.

He and wife Margo Seltzer founded Sleepycat Software in 1996 to develop and support Berkeley DB, an open source database. In February 2006, the company was acquired by Oracle Corporation, where Bostic worked until February 2008.

Bostic is the author of nvi, a re-implementation of the classic text editor vi. He also is a member of the ACM, IEEE and several POSIX working groups.[1]

Most recently Bostic has started WiredTiger, where they are rethinking data management for modern hardware with a focus on multi-core scalability and maximizing the value of every byte of RAM.


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