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Keith Alison Olive
Alma materUniversity of Chicago
AwardsHans Bethe Prize 2018
Scientific career
FieldsCosmology, Big Bang nucleosynthesis
InstitutionsUniversity of Minnesota

Keith Alison Olive is a theoretical physicist, and director at the William I Fine Theoretical Physics Institute, University of Minnesota, specializing in particle physics and cosmology. His main topics of research are: big bang nucleosynthesis, which is an explanation of the origin of the light element isotopes through 7Li; particle dark matter; big bang baryogenesis, which is an explanation of the matter-antimatter asymmetry observed in nature; and inflation which is a theory constructed to resolve many outstanding problems in standard cosmology.[1]

Honors and awards[edit]

Olive was the 2018 Hans Bethe Prize Recipient;[2] elected a fellow of the American Physical Society in 2003; [3][4] awarded the National Science Foundation Young Investigator Award for the years 1987-1994;[5][6] elected University of Minnesota Distinguished Mcknight Professor 1998–present;[7][8] and granted the George W. Taylor Award for distinguished Research in 1988 by the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota.[9]


He is one of the editor of a book, Inner Space/outer Space,[10] The University of Chicago Press (1986) and a number of journal articles. His most cited article, cited 5619 times according to Google Scholar [11] is Hagiwara, Hikasa, Nakamura, et al. "Review of Particle Properties" published in 2002 in vol. 66 issue 1 of American Physical Society.


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