Kelakam, Niger

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Kelakam is located in Niger
Coordinates: 13°33′22″N 11°44′27″E / 13.55611°N 11.74083°E / 13.55611; 11.74083Coordinates: 13°33′22″N 11°44′27″E / 13.55611°N 11.74083°E / 13.55611; 11.74083
Country  Niger
Region Diffa
Department Maïné-Soroa

Kelakam is a town in the Diffa Region, Maine-Soroa Department of southeastern Niger.


It lies on the RN1 east-west highway of which runs between Diffa and Niamey, about halfway between the larger towns of Goudoumaria to the west and Maine-Soroa to the southeast. The town lies around 150 km west-northwest from the regional capital of Diffa.

Agro-pastoral centre[edit]

Situated in the Sahel region, the area around Kelakam is used for stock raising (cattle, goats, camels)[1] much of which involves seasonal transhumance, and intensive farming of cuvettes—rocky sinkholes which collect water in an otherwise dry land. Kelakam hosts a Saturday market.[2]

Kelakam is one site of ethnic Fula[3] pastoralist cooperatives formed as part of the UNDP "Nguigmi Peace Project". The project is designed to re-integrate former refugees and combatants from long simmering ethnic conflicts between Fula herders, and their Diffa Arab and Daza/Tubu neighbours over pasturage, water, and other land use. Fula pastoralists based around the town raise sheep and goats, and produce cheese and other agricultural products.[4]


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