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Ken Quinnell (born 1939, Sydney, Australia ) is a screenwriter and director.

He has a background in publishing and freelance journalism including working for Screen International and Rolling Stone. He was a member of the WEA Film Study Group in the 1960s where he met writers Michael Thornhill[1] and Frank Moorhouse. From 1966–1968 Quinnell and Michael Thornhill published SCJ : The Sydney cinema journal.

Film and television[edit]

Since then both Michael Thornhill and Ken Quinnell have worked in the Australian film industry.

Ken Quinnell wrote the screenplays for Cathy's Child (1979) (with Dick Wordley) adapted from Dick Wordley's novel; Hoodwink (1981); and The City's Edge (1983) aka The Running Man. The City's Edge (1983) was co-written Robert J. Merritt and W.A. Harbison; adapted from W.A. Harbison's novel. This last film was made for television. Short Changed (1985) was also co-written Robert J. Merritt. As yet Ken Quinnell has only directed one film – The City's Edge (1983)


Film awards[edit]


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