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Kenneth ("Ken") Reid (born 23 June 1955, Belfast)[1] is a Northern Irish journalist. He is currently Political Editor at UTV.[2]

Journalism career[edit]

Reid's career as a journalist began at The News Letter in 1977, where he remained for seven years.[2] This was followed by stints as the sports editor, and later editor, of the Sunday News from 1984 to 1987, and reporting for the Cork Examiner from 1987 to 1994.[2]

Reid joined UTV in 1994.[2] He was one of two journalists at the station believed to have not been considered for a voluntary redundancy package at the station in late 2008.[3] Reid has blogged on UTV's website on political affairs in Northern Ireland since May 2008.[4]


Reid received the honour of News Broadcaster of the Year at the CIPR Press and Broadcast Awards in 2005[5] and 2006.[6]

Personal life[edit]

Reid studied at Methodist College Belfast and the University of Hull, becoming involved with the student newspaper at the latter institution.[2] He is married with three children.[2]

Reid is a fan of Cliftonville, Everton and Rugby club Ballymena.


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