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Kenji Higuchi in 2015

Kenji Higuchi (樋口 健二?, Higuchi Kenji, born March 10, 1937) has been a professor of photography at several institutions in Tokyo, and an instructor at the Nippon Photography Institute (日本写真芸術専門学校?, Nihon Shashin Geijutsu Senmon Gakkō). He is the eldest son of a farmer and at the age of 24 took up photography after viewing Robert Capa's famous war photos. He published some of the first images of nuclear workers toiling inside a reactor in 1977. Higuchi's photos mainly depict people and situations associated with nuclear issues and he won a Nuclear-Free Future Award.[1][2]

Higuchi has documented the struggles of radiation victims and, over a half-century, has written 19 books, including The Truth About Nuclear Plants and Erased Victims. Since the 2011 Fukushima I nuclear accidents his work has gained more attention.[1]

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