Kennerdell Bridge

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Kennerdell Bridge
Carries Two lanes of Kennerdell Road (PA 3008)
Crosses Allegheny River
Locale Rockland Township and Clinton Township
Design Girder bridge
Total length 905 feet
Width 28 ft
Opened 2000

The Kennerdell Bridge is a girder bridge connecting Rockland Township and Clinton Township in Venango County, Pennsylvania that serves the tiny village of Kennerdell (with a population of only about 200). Originally, a 1907 truss bridge stood on this site. It was rehabilitated in 1981, but ultimately replaced in 2000. Only about 250 cars use the bridge each day

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Coordinates: 41°15′47″N 79°50′30″W / 41.26309°N 79.84176°W / 41.26309; -79.84176