Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match

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Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match
Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match
European cover art
Developer(s) Impressions Games[1]
  • NA: Impressions Games[2]
  • EU: Impressions Games[2]
Designer(s) John Ruskin[3]
Composer(s) Christopher J. Denman[4]
Platform(s) Commodore 64[1]
ZX Spectrum[1]
Atari ST[1]
Amstrad CPC[1]
Release Commodore 64:
Genre(s) Sports[2]
Mode(s) Single-player[3]

Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match is a computer game based on soccer legend Kenny Dalglish - who played and managed for Liverpool F.C., Celtic F.C., and Scotland's national soccer team.[1] Dalglish would also become famous for winning the FA Cup while playing and managing for the same team.[1]

The Australian magazine PC PowerPlay gave this game a rating of 5% in its February 1990 issue.[1]


While the red player is rushing towards the ball, some of the guys on the blue team are trying to stop him.

This was Dalglish's second licensed game and a side-scroller with a team in red playing against a team in blue.[1]

The skill level is divided into nine levels so that rookies can play against video game veterans.[1] Passing the ball is similar to the Kick Off series except that it's only possible to make long passes; making quick passing purely a matter of luck.[1] The soccer ball bounces excessively; making it very difficult to shoot on target for less than 30 yards (⅓ of an American football field).[1]

Matches can last anywhere from 10 to 90 minutes; there are no leagues or tournaments to play against other teams.[5] There are digitized photos of Dalglish himself; inspiring players to achieve goals and to have "good results.[5]" Oddly enough, the player must type in the name (city, county, official nickname, etc.) of his team as well as the opponent's.[6] This means that players can have their local weekly soccer club play against Manchester United or Chelsea F.C. with no difference in gameplay.[6] Kenny Dalglish always gives the player valuable advice; expert players can choose to ignore it.[6]


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