Kent County League

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Kent County League
Kent County Football League Logo.png
Country England
Divisions 7
Number of teams 91
Level on pyramid 11–14
Promotion to Southern Counties East League Division One
Relegation to Ashford and District League,
Bromley & District Football League
Canterbury & District League
Maidstone & District League
Rochester & District League
Sevenoaks & District League
South London Alliance
Current champions Punjab United

The Kent County League, is a football competition based in Kent, England. The league has seven senior divisions – a Premier Division, Division One East and West, Division Two East and West and Division Three East and West. It sits below the Southern Counties East League Division One (step 6 of the National League System) since the 2016–17 season. Previously it fed the Kent Invicta League from the Invicta league's formation in 2011 to the merger with the Southern Counties East league in 2016.[1][2]

In the 2017-18 season, there are 16 clubs in the Premier Division. The bottom two clubs face relegation to the regional lower divisions. Clubs from a number of smaller district leagues may be eligible to gain promotion to the County League. These feeder leagues are the Ashford and District League, Bromley and District Football League, Canterbury & District League, Maidstone & District League, Rochester & District League, Sevenoaks & District League and South London Alliance.[3]

Member clubs 2017–18[edit]

The constitution for 2017–18 was announced at the league's AGM on 14 June 2017.[4]

A Premier Division match between Canterbury City and Snodland in 2010

Premier Division[edit]

  • Bexley
  • Borden Village
  • Farnborough Old Boys Guild
  • Faversham Strike Force
  • Fleetdown United
  • Greenways
  • Kennington
  • Lewisham Athletic
  • Lydd Town Reserves
  • Metrogas
  • New Romney
  • Otford United
  • Peckham Town
  • Stansfeld O&BC
  • Staplehurst Monarchs United
  • Tudor Sports (previously named Erith 147 Sports)

Honours list[edit]

Divisional champions have been as follows:[5]

1951–92 Western section[edit]

Season Senior Division West Premier Division West D1 West D2 West
1951–52 Thameside Amateur Athletic Upton Athletic
1952–53 Bakers Sports Saints Athletic Slade Green Athletic
1953–54 Crockenhill Slade Green Athletic Eltham Royals
1954–55 Bakers Sports Brentstonians Dusseks Sports Mottingham
1955–56 Bakers Sports Churchfields Old Boys Mottingham Gough Cooper Sports
1956–57 Crockenhill Mottingham Cray Social Brentstonians Res.
1957–58 Brentstonians Mottingham Klingers Social David Evans
1958–59 Brentstonians Tunnel Sports Longlands Athletic Stansfeld O&BC
1959–60 Aylesford Paper Mills Beckenham Social Greenfield Sports Borough Green
1960–61 Slade Green Athletic Beckenham Social G.E.C. (Erith) Slade Green Athletic Res.
1961–62 Swanley Borough Green B.O.C.M. Greenfield Sports Res.
1962–63 R.O.F.S.A. Stansfeld O&BC Tunnel Sports Res. Lanbrook
1963–64 Aylesford Paper Mills Stansfeld O&BC Greenfield Sports Res. L.E.S.S.A.
1964–65 Callenders Athletic Harland Social L.E.S.S.A. Halstead
1965–66 Kent Police Alpine United Brentstonians Res. Gateway
1966–67 Kent Police Alpine United Gateway Plumstead Casuals
1967–78 Borough Green Tunnel Sports Res. Plumstead Casuals Plum Lane
1968–69 Old Saxonians Sevenoaks Town Halstead United Sutton Athletic
1969–70 B.O.C.M. Plum Lane Sutton Athletic Hoo Institute
1970–71 Plum Lane Sutton Athletic Hoo Institute Eastcourt United Res.
1971–72 Callenders Athletic Hoo Institute Northcote Invicta Swanscombe United
1972–73 Dockland Settlement Eastcourt United Swanscombe United Ex Blues
1973–74 Fisher Athletic Swanscombe United Samuel Montague Boys Club Elliotts Social
1974–75 Fisher Athletic Samuel Montague Boys Club Elliotts Social Empire Paper Mills
1975–76 Old Saxonians Sevenoaks Town Social Seal Cuxton Social
1976–77 Sutton Athletic Swanscombe United Dusseks Social Ex Blues
1977–78 Fisher Athletic Res. Stansfeld O&BC Town Social Samuel Montague Boys Club
1978–79 Maidstone United Res. Invicta I.T.T. Footscray Eccles
1979–80 Samuel Montague Old Boys Elliotts Social Bowater Sports Oakwood Hospital
1980–81 Sevenoaks Bowater Sports Ex Blues AFC Eltham
1981–82 Fisher Athletic Res. Oakwood Hospital VCD Athletic Winget
1982–83 Sevenoaks Swanscombe United West Malling Club Bearsted
1983–84 Old Saxonians Otford United Bearsted Rusthall
1984–85 Stansfeld O&BC VCD Athletic Rusthall Royal George
1985–86 Bowater Scott Sports & Social Hawkhurst United Royal George Chatham Amateurs
1986–87 Stansfeld O&BC Bearsted Paddock Wood Town Edenbridge United
1987–88 Bearsted Reed International New Eltham Hollingbourne
1988–89 Stansfeld O&BC Greenways Swanscombe United Colts 85
1989–90 Stansfeld O&BC Eynsford Westerham Ten Em Bee
1990–91 Oakwood Aylesford Paper Mills Platt United Lordswood Res.
1991–92 Oakwood Knockholt Wellcome (Saturday) Strood County

1969–92 Eastern Section[edit]

Season Senior Division East Premier Division East D1 East D2 East
1969–70 Lydd Town Folkestone Invicta Hammers
1970–71 Lydd Town Ashford Dynamo North Deal United
1971–72 Ashford Dynamo Hythe Town Betteshanger Colliery Welfare
1972–73 Ashford Dynamo Deal Town Res. Dymchurch
1973–74 Hythe Town Dymchurch
1974–75 Hythe Town Aylesham United
1975–76 Hythe Town Brett Waverley
1976–77 Northcliffe & Dormobile Walmer Rovers
1977–78 Northcliffe & Dormobile Betteshanger Colliery Welfare Margate Res.
1978–79 Folkestone Invicta Whitstable Old Boys St Margarets
1979–80 New Romney Sturry Bromley Green
1980–81 New Romney Bromley Green Margate Res.
1981–82 Ashford Dynamo Thanet United Res. Ramsgate Res.
1982–83 New Romney Hamstreet Rank, Hovis McDougall
1983–84 Bromley Green Rank, Hovis McDougall University of Kent
1984–85 New Romney New Romney Res
1985–86 Sturry Wittersham
1986–87 New Romney Walmer Rovers
1987–88 New Romney Walmer
1988–89 New Romney Phoenix Rovers
1989–90 Lydd Town Kennington
1990–91 Lydd Town Hythe Town Res.
1991–92 Lydd Town Broomfield United


Major restructuring combined the regional Senior Divisions into one Premier Division. Divisions below were renamed.

Season Premier Division D1 East D1 West D2 East D2 West D3 West D4 West
1992–93 Sevenoaks Town Lydd Town Ex Blues New Romney Res. Strood County Empire
1993–94 Teynham & Lynstead Lydd Town Ten Em Bee Lydd Town Res. Sutton Athletic Tonbridge Rangers Maidstone Invicta
1994–95 Stansfeld O&BC Milton Athletic AFC Egerton Royal George Maidstone Invicta Halstead
1995–96 Sevenoaks Town Tenterden St. Michaels Ex Blues Broomfield United Res. Snodland Hawkenbury
1996–97 VCD Athletic Rye United Bearsted Broomfield United Res. Otford United Wickham Park
1997–98 Milton Athletic New Romney Snodland Rye United Res, Wickham Park St. George's (Wrotham)
1998–99 Knatchbull Kennington Maidstone United Wittersham St. George's (Wrotham) Pembury
1999–2000 Snodland Norton Sports Phoenix Sports Smarden AFC Blackheath Belvedere
2000–01 Bearsted New Romney Crockenhill New Romney Res. Oakwood Danson Athletic
2001–02 Bearsted Kennington Old Roan Dover Gate Belvedere Farnborough Old Boys Guild
2002–03 Sevenoaks Town Tenterden Tigers Cray Valley Paper Mills Tyler Hill Bromleians Sports Lanes End
2003–04 Crockenhill Bromley Green Lewisham Borough Borden Village Orpington Guru Nanak
2004–05 Cray Valley Paper Mills Norton Sports Rusthall Hollands & Blair Phoenix Sports disbanded
Season Premier Division D1 East D1 West D2 East D2 West
2005–06 Lewisham Borough Hollands & Blair Holmesdale Staplehurst Westerham
2006–07 Holmesdale Tyler Hill Orpington Guru Nanak Tudor Sports
2007–08 Norton Sports Bly Spartans Phoenix Sports Canterbury City Farnborough Old Boys Guild
2008–09 Hollands & Blair Canterbury City Tonbridge Invicta Premier Old Bexleians
2009–10 Stansfeld O&BC Woodstock Park Charlton Athletic Community Bredhurst Juniors Forest Hill Park
2010–11 Hollands & Blair Bromley Green Farnborough Old Boys Guild Saga Sports & Social Hildenborough Athletic
Season Premier Division Division One Division Two East Division Two West
2011–12 Bromley Green Hildenborough Athletic Maidstone Association Local Government Officers Bexlians
2012–13 Hildenborough Athletic Fleetdown United Sevenoaks Peckham Town
Season Premier Division Division One East Division One West Division Two East Division Two West Division Three East Division Three West
2013–14 Metrogas Guru Nanak Holland Sports East Kent College Phoenix Sports Reserves Hawkinge Town Stansfeld O&BC Reserves
2014–15 Metrogas Faversham Strike Force Halstead United Lydd Town Reserves Stansfeld O&BC Reserves Kings Hill Lewisham Athletic
2015–16 Faversham Strike Force Lydd Town Reserves Farnborough OB Guild Kings Hill Lewisham Athletic Willesborough Athletic South East Athletic
2016–17 Punjab United New Romney Lewisham Athletic Cuxton 91 Old Bromlenians Wateringbury Sydenham Sports


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