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Meaning"healthy", "strong"
Region of originJapan
Other names
Related namesKentarō

Kenta (廉侍) is a masculine Japanese given name. (written: 健太, 建太, 研太, 賢太 or ケンタ in katakana).

Notable people with the name include:

  • Kenta Abe (阿部 健太, born 1984), Japanese baseball player
  • Kenta Fukasaku (深作 健太, born 1972), Japanese film director
  • Kenta Hayashi (林 健太, born 1994), Japanese kickboxer
  • Kenta Kobashi (小橋 建太, born 1967), Japanese professional wrestler
  • Kenta Kobayashi (小林 健太, born 1981), Japanese professional wrestler known in WWE as Hideo Itami, and otherwise his first name stylized in all caps
  • Kenta Hasegawa (長谷川 健太, born 1965), Japanese international football player
  • Kenta Ito (伊藤 研太, born 1999), Japanese footballer
  • Kenta Kato (加藤 健太, born 1987), Japanese footballer
  • Kenta Maeda (前田 健太, born 1988), Japanese baseball player
  • Kenta Matsudaira (松平 健太, born 1991), Japanese table tennis player
  • Kenta Miyake (三宅 健太, born 1977), Japanese voice actor
  • Kenta Miyawaki (宮脇 健太, born 2001), Japanese footballer
  • Kenta Nagasawa (長澤 憲大, born 1993), Japanese judoka
  • Kenta Nishizawa (西澤 健太, born 1996), Japanese footballer
  • Kenta Shimaoka (島岡 健太, born 1973), Japanese footballer
  • Kenta Shimizu (清水 健太, born 1981), Japanese footballer
  • Kenta Takada (髙田 健太, born 1995), Japanese singer, member of South Korean groups JBJ and JBJ95
  • Kenta Takanashi (高梨 健太, born 1997), Japanese volleyball player
  • Kenta Tanaka (田中 健太, born 1988), Japanese field hockey player
  • Kenta Yamazaki (山崎 健太, born 1987), Japanese footballer
  • Kenta Yanagida (柳田 健太, born 1995), Japanese footballer
  • Kenta Yoshikawa (吉川 健太, born 1986), Japanese footballer

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