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Kenvelo in Vaňkovka in Brno.

Kenvelo is a clothing firm originally from the Czech Republic. It currently[when?] operates approximately 270 stores in 18 countries: Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Romania, Israel, Bulgaria, Russia, Austria, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Belarus, Albania, Latvia, Estonia, Malta, Ukraine, Serbia and Germany.[citation needed]


Kenvelo dates back to December 1991, when Dany Himi and Michael Saul founded te Prague-based company, CTC - SPORTWEAR.[1] Registered capital of the company was CSK 100 thousand.[1] A few months later, Israel-born Himi became the sole owner of the company[1] and gradually built a chain of clothing stores, Himi's Jeans.

In 1996, Himi decided to establish a new brand to compete with the well-established clothing chains. His initial proposal was Josh; other managers had different proposals.[2] After each proposal, some managers said "yes" while others said "no".[2] David Dahan proposed a brand name Kenvelo,[2] Hebrew for "yesandno" (כן ולא).

In March 1998, Himi transferred a 30% share in CTC to David Dahan. In June 1999 CTC was renamed Kenvelo CZ.[1]


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