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Kerrie Gosney (born 1 December 1976) is an English freelance voice-over artist and weather presenter. She is originally from the Hope Valley in Derbyshire.[1]

Gosney undertook a Film, Media and Communication degree at Sheffield Hallam University and graduated in 1998.

Gosney joined Granada Media Group (now ITV plc) in May 2000 as a continuity announcer at Yorkshire Television studios in Leeds, where she provided links for Granada, Border, Yorkshire and Tyne Tees. In November 2002, she became a weather presenter for the ITV Northern Regions including Granada, Border, Yorkshire and Tyne Tees,.[2][3][4] Since 2008 she has occasionally appeared on ITV Central, ITV West Country, and ITV News: Wales at Six.

She currently works at ITV Granada at Media City UK in Salford and sometimes covers forecasts for Calendar Yorkshire too from Leeds. She is also a Patron of Cavendish Cancer Care.

Kerrie Gosney currently presents some weather forecasts for Granada Reports every week. She has recently been seen covering ITV Border (Lookaround), ITV News Tyne Tees, ITV News Calendar and ITV News Central weather forecasts, most often at the weekend when Border, Tyne Tees, Calendar, Granada and occasionally central share a weather forecaster.


In her own words, Kerrie has described her life with the following statement;

"I've been with ITV over 12 years. I joined the Weather Department in October 2002. Someone offered me the chance to work alongside Jon Mitchell and I just couldn't resist! My first 'proper' job was here in Leeds - working as a Continuity Announcer for the ITV Northern Regions. I started as a trainee (reasonably) fresh from University in 2000.

Everyone here at Calendar is friendly and approachable and you get a real sense that the programme is a team effort - which it is! Oh, and we get free coffee - the rush hour commute is worth it when there's real caffeine waiting at the other end.

As for my career highlights - I once had to report from the inside of a hot air balloon with the hot air going in! And I came down a fireman's pole Bridget Jone's [sic] Style for a report once - but thankfully kept my knickers out of shot....for that one. Every day at Calendar I laugh out loud at least once. Smile and the word smiles with you!"[5]


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