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Darty plc
Public limited company
Traded as LSEDRTY
Industry Retailing
Founded 2003
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Key people
David Newlands (Chairman)
Thierry Falque-Pierrotin (CEO)
Dominic Platt (Finance director)
Products white and brown goods,
consumer electronics,
personal computing,
digital photo processing,
Pre-recorded media,
Revenue £5,917.3 million (2011)[1]
£107.0 million (2011)[1]
£30.7 million (2011)[1]
Number of employees
circa 17,000[2]
Website www.dartygroup.com

Darty plc (formerly Kesa Electricals plc) is a multinational electrical retailing company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.


The company was formed in July 2003, by a demerger from Kingfisher plc.[3] In July 2007, the Company bought Menaje Del Hogar, a Spanish electrical retail chain.[4] On 6 July 2009, the company sold its Swiss operation.[5] In February 2012, the company completed the sale of Comet Group, which they sold in November 2011, to OpCapita for £2, and also paid the purchaser a "sweetener" of £50M to take the loss making venture away.[6]

On 31 July 2012, Kesa Electricals was renamed Darty plc.[7]

In October 2015, Darty plc reached an agreement with French retailer Fnac Group to a merger that will lead to the absorption of Darty under FNAC.


Darty is headquartered in London. It has sourcing offices based in Paris and Hong Kong, as well as a wholly owned wholesaler of electrical accessories, Dacem, who supply all of Kesa's European operations.[8]

Its structure is as follows:

  • Darty France: retailer in France; operates 214 stores with 282,700 square metres of selling space
  • Darty Italy: retailer in Italy; Has operated 23 stores with 19,750 square metres of selling space until 2 March 2013, when Darty stores were transferrend to Trony.
  • Darty Turkey: retailer in Turkey; operates six stores with 8,200 square metres of selling space
  • BCC: retail and E-commerce in Netherlands.; operates 50 stores with 64,900 square metres of selling space
  • Vanden Borre: retailer in Belgium; operates 57 stores with 60,800 square metres of selling space
  • Darty: retailer in Spain and Portugal; operates 67 stores with 79,500 square metres of selling space



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