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Ketil Egge (11 March 1950 – 26 March 1997) is a Norwegian actor and theatre director.

Egge was born in Oslo as a son of composer Klaus Egge. He made his stage debut at Trøndelag Teater in 1971, and was then hired at Teatret Vårt in 1973 and Rogaland Teater in 1975. He was the director of Rogaland Teater from 1991 to 1994 and Den Nationale Scene from 1995 to 1996.[1]


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Cultural offices
Preceded by
Alf Nordvang
Director of the Rogaland Teater
Succeeded by
Ola B. Johannessen
Preceded by
Tom Remlov
Director of the Den Nationale Scene
Succeeded by
Aksel-Otto Bull