Kettle Creek Reservoir

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Kettle Creek Reservoir
Alvin R. Bush Dam, Pennsylvania.jpg
Alvin R. Bush Dam and Kettle Creek Reservoir
Location Clinton County, Pennsylvania, United States
Coordinates 41°21′36″N 77°55′29″W / 41.36000°N 77.92472°W / 41.36000; -77.92472Coordinates: 41°21′36″N 77°55′29″W / 41.36000°N 77.92472°W / 41.36000; -77.92472
Type artificial
Primary inflows Kettle Creek
Primary outflows Kettle Creek
Basin countries United States
Max. length 2.2 mi (3.54 km)
Surface area 160 acres (65 ha)

Kettle Creek Reservoir is a reservoir at Kettle Creek State Park in Leidy Township, Clinton County, Pennsylvania in the United States. It is open to some recreational boating, fishing and ice fishing. It was constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1961. Gas powered motors are prohibited on the reservoir. Motorized boats must be powered by electric motors only. Sailboats, rowboats, canoes, kayaks, and paddleboats are permitted on the waters of the lake. All boats must be properly registered with any state. The swimming area at the lake is on the northern end of the reservoir. Swim at your own risk. Lifeguards are not provided.

Alvin R. Bush Dam on Kettle Creek is an earth and rockfill, flood control dam. It stands at a maximum height of 165 feet (50 m) above the stream bed and is 1,350 feet (410 m) across. The reservoir has a capacity of 75,000 acre feet (93,000,000 m³) at the spillway crest. It covers 160 acres (0.6 km²) and is 2.2 miles (4 km) long. Alvin R. Bush Dam controls about 226 square miles (590 km2) of the Kettle Creek drainage area. This is 92% of the total Kettle Creek drainage area.