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Kevin Meredith
Kevin Meredith at MOO's 3rd Birthday by Richard Moross.jpg
Born Folkestone
Nationality British
Occupation Photographer

Kevin Meredith (also known as Lomokev), born 1978, is a British photographer, known for his use of the Lomo-LCA camera[1][2] and his lomographic style.

Life and work[edit]

Meredith grew up in Folkestone, and currently lives in Brighton. He has been photographing since 1996,[3] when he was 16.[4]

He first became known for his photography around Brighton, England and for his use of social networking as a tool to promote his photography,[4][5][6] specifically Flickr.[7][8]

Meredith's photographs have been exhibited in solo shows. He has had his illustrated guides to photography techniques published, as well as a small book of his own photography. His portrait montages appeared in the monthly Brighton Source magazine for four years.[9] He teaches monthly photography courses using the Lomo-LCA,[1][10][11] gives talks at venues internationally and undertakes commercial photography work.[12]


  • Hot Shots
  • 52 Photographic Projects
  • Toy Cameras, Creative Photos: High-end Results from 40 Plastic Cameras.
  • I Dare the Wave, a Life to Save. Brighton and Hove: Miniclick, 2014. Edition of 50 copies. Photographs of Brighton Swimming Club. 1 of 5 publications collectively titled The Miniclick Press Volume 1 / Brighton. The other publications are by Ondra Loup, Kristina Sälgvik, Jack Latham and Jean-Luc Brouard.[n 5]

Contributions to other books[edit]



  • Second place, the Lomolympics 2000, Tokyo, 2000.[13]
  • Third place, Lomographic World Congress, Vienna, 2002.[13]


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