Kevin Toolis

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Kevin Toolis is a journalist and filmmaker.[1]

Kevin Toolis
Edinburgh, Scotland
Known forFilmmaker
SpouseDea Birkett

Early life[edit]

Toolis was born and raised in Edinburgh to parents who were from Achill, County Mayo, Ireland. He brought up his daughter Storme Toolis in London.[2]


Toolis is a filmmaker and journalist who had written for The Guardian, The New York Times, and the Daily Mirror. He won a BAFTA for his torture drama, "Complicit".[3] Toolis has written screenplays and founded the independent television company ManyRiversFilms.[4]


  • Rebel Hearts – Journey's Within The IRA's Soul - ISBN 978-0312144784 (1995)
  • The Confessions of Gordon Brown - (2004)
  • My Father's Wake: How The Irish Teach Us To Live, Love And Die - ISBN 978-0306921469 (2017)
  • Nine Rules To Conquer Death - ISBN 978-0861541140 (2020)


  • The Cult of the Suicide Bomber (2005)
  • The Cult of the Suicide Bomber (2006)
  • Car Bomb (2008)
  • Complicit (2013)


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