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Keys to the VIP
Keys to the VIP.PNG
Keys to the VIP - title screen
StarringChris Greidanus
Country of originCanada
No. of episodes39
Running time30 min (13 Episodes)[1]
Original networkComedy Network
Original releaseOctober 31, 2006 (2006-10-31) –
2008 (2008)

Keys to the VIP (A Professional League for Players) was a reality-television, comedy game show that aired on the Comedy Network and Fuse TV. The game involved two self-proclaimed players competing against each other to pick up women in a real bar.[2] The two contestants went against each other in rounds to complete different objectives all related to seducing women. Hidden cameras recorded all the action that occurred, with four "expert" pick up artists judging to decide which of the two contestants did better picking up women during a round. The winner was the contestant that wins at least two out of the three rounds, and went on to win a party in a private VIP room with a select group of friends.

Hosts / Judges[edit]

The 4 hosts who oversaw the progress of the contestants across the town in Kai Lounge. Their personalities descend from the 4 corners of the male psyche.

  • Alen - The cold, calculated master of pick-up analysis
  • Peachez - An ex-all-star jock inspired seduction specialist
  • Sheldon - Mysteriously coy and unorthodox philosopher
  • Chris - A hopelessly romantic man of integrity

Production Team[edit]

  • Executive Producer - [Sean Buckley]
  • Executive Producer - [Alen Bubich]
  • Co-Executive Producer - [Justin Killion]
  • Senior Producer - [Jim Kiriakakis]
  • Director - [Justin Harding]

Filming Location[edit]

Episodes of Keys to the VIP were primarily filmed at well-known nightclubs and bars in the Greater Toronto Area. Some of the clubs included Mink, Zu bar and Wet bar.

Episode list[edit]

Episode Number Contestant 1 Contestant 2 Games Played Winner
1x01 Marc "The Baron" Kyle "The Terminator" The Laugh Factor
Starving Artist
Kyle "The Terminator"
1x02 "Hurricane" Patrick Brandon "The Wizard" Three Approaches
The Digits
Sexy Talent
Brandon "The Wizard"
1x03 Eyal "The Egyptian Prince" Vida aka "Drego" The Narcissist
Reverse Golddigger
Angry Girlfriend
Eyal "The Egyptian Prince"
1x04 "Cocoa Butter" Chris Yakov "The Trapper" Freestyle
The Dancer
The Hyena
That Guy*
1x05 Mark Sparks Kyle "The Diesel" Speed Dial
Call Your Shot
Seduction School
Kyle "The Diesel"
1x06 Dennis aka Hodge "So Hot Right Now" Josh Line Off
Divide and Conquer
"So Hot Right Now" Josh
1x07 "Pretty Boy" Ford Eryk "The Great" The Laugh Factor
"Pretty Boy" Ford
1x08 "Dainty" Danny Simon aka Screech The Dancer
Foot Fetish
The Breakup
"Dainty" Danny
1x09 Mark "The Karaoke Kid" Dennis "The Lion" The Palm Reader
Why You Suck
The Dance Off
Mark "The Karaoke Kid"
1x10 John aka Wilk "Cobra Commander" Phil Love At First Sight
Seduction School
Quiet On The Set
"Cobra Commander" Phil
1x11 Donny "Danger" Leo "The Carpenter" Nip/Tuck
Talented Mr. Ripley
Donny "Danger"
1x12 Captain Karim Ryan aka Weezer Fake accent
The Box Out
Friend Destroyer
Ryan aka Weezer
1x13 Duane "The Damager" "Cocky" Kevin Speed Dial
She's So Silly
"Cocky" Kevin
2x01 Josh "The Matador" Maltin "Maximum Max" Boateng Line off
Divide and conquer
Josh "The Matador" Maltin
2x02 Eyal "The Closer" Illya "The Ill Kid" Konstantin Seduction School
Talented Mr. Ripley
Call your Shot
Illya "The Ill Kid" Konstantin
2x03 Justin "Rated R" Rego Rob "Fromeo" Cavaliere The Introduction
Angry Girlfriend
Rob "Fromeo"
2x04 Frank "The Tank" Marques Kyle "Smiles" Gentle The Opener
The Dancer
Frank "The Tank" Marques
2x05 "Hot Body" Jason Mike "The Magician" Reverse Gold Digger
Kiss Close
Mike "The Magician"
2x06 "Party Boy" Jay Dustin aka "Xerxes" The Palm Reader
Momma's Boy
Body Shots
Tie - Both Players won
2x07 Kevin "the Hammer" Alex "Da Vinci" Love at First Sight
Shaken not Stirred
Alex "Da Vinci"
2x08 "Down" Pat Steven "New York" The Opener
Divide and Conquer
"Down" Pat
2x09 Keegan "The Playboy" Jonathan "The Stylist" Plastic Surgery
Mighty Wingman
Keegan "The Playboy"
2x10 Jordan "The Joker" Christian "The Keeper" Speed Dial
Jordan "The Joker"
2x11 Mitch "The Protege" Derek "Cajun" Freestyle
Speed Dial
Derek "Cajun"
2x12 Anthony "The Boy Wonder" Nick "Dundee" The Introduction
Stink Mouth
Shaken Not Stirred
Nick "Dundee"
2x13 Matt "Meatus" Todd "The Natural" Sabotage
The Narcissist
Talented Mr. Ripley/Angry Girlfriend
Todd "The Natural"
3x01 Bruno "Casanova" Andrew "The Dungeon Master" Reverse Gold digger
Speed Dial
Freestyle Kiss
Tie - Both Players won
3x02 Ajay "The Arabian Knight" Julian "The Bait" Mr. Icebreaker
Divide and Conquer
Ajay "The Arabian Knight"
3x03 "CraZy" Joe Luca Malcolm "the Ex" The Laugh Factor
The Photographer
The Ex-Lover
Malcolm "the Ex"
3x04 Steve "Sphinx" Pierre "Biscuit" The Opinion Opener
The Routine
Steve "Sphinx"
3x05 "Will French" "Soft Top" Thomas Mr. Photographer
"Soft Top" Thomas
3x06 Mike "The Bailiff" Isaac "The Mama's Boy" Speed Dial
The Date
The Introduction
That Guy*
3x07 Matt "Punch Line" Mike "The Spanish Fly" Ice Breaker
The Crutch
Matt "Punch Line"
3x08 Evan "The Broski" "Little" Jon The Opener
Divide and Conquer
"Big" Jon
3x09 "Claymax" Alexander "The Great" The Jealous Angle
Mr. Icebreaker
3x10 "Poolboy" Peter Blake "The Chef" Mr. Icebreaker
Blake "The Chef"
3x11 Marko "The Slavic Thunder" Thomas "The Heff" Line Off
Talented Mr. Ripley
Marko "The Slavic Thunder"
3x12 "Rodeo" Ryan "B-Boy Caution" Jones Talented Mr. Ripley
Line Off
"B-Boy Caution" Jones
3x13 Eyal
Seduction School & The Introduction
The MacGyver
Anthony "The Boy Wonder"
  • Season 1 Episode 4 had no declared winner. "That Guy" was randomly selected from the studio.
  • Season 2 of Keys to the VIP Premiered November 1, 2007 on The Comedy Network.
  • Season 3 of Keys to the VIP Premiered Thursday October 23, 2008 on The Comedy Network featuring the youngest contender on Keys to the VIP ever, 19-year-old Julian.
  • "That Guy" appears once again in Season 3 Episode 6, as the judges refused to choose a winner.
  • Season 3 Episode 1 had a resulting tie game - both players received the award.
  • Season 3 finale, also known as Redemption, featured four of the best previous contenders who didn't win. This episode was structured as an elimination tournament.[3]


Name Objective
Angry Ex-Girlfriend Pick-up a woman while a surprise actress pretends to be an angry ex-girlfriend.
The Breakup Initiate conversation with a woman and get her number, but only after borrowing her cell phone to break up with the "girlfriend".
Body Shots Initiate body shots at the bar
Call your Shot Seduce the women your competitor has selected for you to approach
The Comedian Pretend to be a working comedian and get a woman's opinion on "new material"
Come With Me Separate a woman from her friends
The Dancer Get a woman's number while dancing
The Dance Off Initiate a pick-up by challenging a woman to a dance off
Divide and Conquer Isolate a woman from her group of friends before attempting a pick-up
Fake Accent Obtain a girl's number while using a fake accent
Foot Fetish Initiate a pick-up by confessing to have an intense foot fetish
Freestyle 3 minutes to demonstrate your most impressive seduction technique
The Hyena Each contestant must retrieve a woman's phone number while his opponent is sent in, determined to steal her away
The Introduction Get one random woman to introduce you to another random woman
The Laugh Factor Make a woman laugh
Line Off Initiate a pick-up using the provided one-liner
Love at First Sight Initiate a pick-up by admitting that he's fallen in love at first sight
Momma's Boy Convince a woman she reminds you of your mother
The Narcissist Get a woman's phone number while only talking about himself and never letting the woman speak
Plastic Surgery Initiate a pick-up by fishing for a compliment about recent plastic surgery
Palm Reader Pick-up a woman by performing a detailed palm reading and predicting a romantic outcome
Questions Obtain a woman's phone number while only speaking in questions
Quiet on the Set During the pick-up, each contestant must ask the woman to be quiet while he listens intensely to the music playing for 30 seconds because it reminds him of his grandmother
Recovery Get a woman's phone number after insulting her hair and makeup
Redemption Complete the challenge that caused your original loss. This game was given to contestants who had previously appeared on the show and lost.
Reverse Gold Digger Convince a woman to buy you a drink
Seduction School 5 minutes to demonstrate your most impressive seduction techniques
Sexy Talent Each player must get a woman to reveal and demonstrate a sexy secret talent
Shaken Not Stirred Turn a drinking game into a kiss
Speed Dial Obtain a woman's phone number in less than a minute
Starving Artist Convince a girl that you're an unemployed artist living at home with your parents
Talented Mr. Ripley Convince a woman that you have the same occupation as her.
Three Approaches Each player has 5 min to approach three different women
Why You Suck Initiate conversation with a woman by telling her why she sucks.

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