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Khachig Oskanian was a journalist and writer of The New York Herald newspaper and is one of the first Armenian settlers to the United States.[1][2]


Khachig Oskanian was first noted to arrive in America from Constantinople in 1834.[3][4] Oskanian initially came to the United States to seek higher learning.[4] Author Dennis Papazian believes that Oskanian was most probably sent to the United States by Christian missionaries.[4] Oskanian fulfilled his duties by graduating from the City College of New York.[5] Oskanian eventually became a feature writer for The New York Herald. In his columns and articles, Oskanian urged Armenians to emigrate from the Ottoman Empire and come live in the United States.[1] His residence became an important gathering place for many of the Armenian immigrants.[1]

Khachig Oskanian became the president of the New York Press Club and served as the Turkish Consul in New York.[5] Oskanian always expressed his desires to establish a strong Armenian colony in America and name it "New Ani".[6]


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