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The New York Press Club is a membership organization of and for journalists and media professionals in the New York City metropolitan area. The club is a private, non-profit corporation and is not affiliated with any government office or agency and does not advocate or participate in any political activity. In conjunction with the New York Press Club Foundation, the club devotes its efforts to meeting the needs and interests of professional journalists and those in related fields, as well as providing public service to the community.


The New York Press Club was founded on July 14, 1948, as the New York Newspaper Reporters Association. Membership included reporters, writers and editors from every newspaper published in New York City. In subsequent years, membership was expanded to include reporters from wire services, magazines and radio and TV stations. Today, membership includes journalists from all types of news organizations including the Web, television, radio, wire services, daily newspapers, weekly and monthly publications, as well as professionals from the fields of communications, public relations and public affairs.


The New York Press Club works to protect the rights of all journalists while providing informational and educational events and networking opportunities for members and others to discuss professional issues and effect change.

Lectures, panel discussions, 'newsmaker' appearances and other club sponsored functions have included topics such as threats to freedom of the press, threats to investigative reporting, the relationship between the media and government, the role of community newspapers, fundamental changes in media and its impact on journalists and journalism, foreign press coverage of the city of New York and questions about how the press covers itself. The club has also sponsored debates - open to members and the public and broadcast live - among mayoral, congressional and gubernatorial candidates.

The New York Press Club's Freedom of the Press Committee provides assistance and support to journalists faced with legal problems such as the failure to divulge confidential news sources or being barred from a court hearing. Additionally, the club maintains a liaison with various government agencies whose actions directly affect working journalists in such matters as the issuing of working press credentials.

Awards for Journalism[edit]

An enduring tradition in New York media, the annual New York Press Club Awards For Journalism honor excellence in the craft by writers, reporters, editors, producers, shooters and multimediographers.

Entries are considered in more than 20 categories of reporting from material submitted by New York metropolitan area news organizations and individual journalists. Judging is by prominent working journalists, former journalists and academics who are selected for their expertise in each category.

Awards unique to the New York Press Club competition are the Gold Keyboard Award, (formerly The Gold Typewriter Award,) honoring excellence in investigative journalism; The Nellie Bly Cub Reporter Award, honoring the best journalistic effort by an individual new to the profession and The Rev. Mychal Judge Heart of New York Award for reporting that is most complimentary of New York City.

Special Awards[edit]

In connection with the New York Press Club's 60th anniversary (2008), two awards were instituted that acknowledge uncommon career-long contributions to journalism by individuals. The New York Journalism Hall of Fame Award and the New York Press Club President's Award are now awarded periodically.

The New York Journalism Hall of Fame Award honors journalists whose careers in New York media are exemplified by long tenure, integrity and extraordinary achievement. Inaugural Hall of Fame Awards were presented in 2008 to veteran reporters, Stan Brooks of New York City all-news radio station 1010 WINS and Gabe Pressman of WNBC-TV.

The New York Press Club President's Award honors communications professionals whose careers have had a significant salutary impact on the practice of journalism and whose involvement in community affairs has enriched the lives of New Yorkers. Recent honorees include the late Bill Gallo (2010), cartoonist and columnist for the New York Daily News and Irene Cornell (2009), veteran courts and crime reporter for WCBS Newsradio.

Annual Conference on Journalism[edit]

The New York Press Club Foundation's Conference on Journalism, traditionally held at a local university, has been an annual fixture for journalists and students of journalism since 1992. Featuring timely keynote speakers and plenary session topics, the conference offers panels and discussions on topics that impact media and journalism that are led by respected working journalists, academics and experts.

Byline Magazine[edit]

Each year, the New York Press Club publishes Byline Magazine, a collectible "glossy" that is distributed to working journalists, libraries and journalism schools featuring stories, reminiscenses and meditations by prominent reporters, authors and editors on topics of interest to working journalists. Byline has been published each year since the New York Press Club's founding in 1948.

Holiday Party[edit]

The New York Press Club Foundation's Holiday Party is an annual charitable event. Guests bring unwrapped toys which are collected by members of the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) for distribution to child welfare and other social service organizations.

Past Presidents of the New York Press Club[edit]

In Office President Employer
1948 William J. Keegan New York Post
1949 Anthony Marino New York Daily News
1950 Alfred E Clark New York Times
1951 Joseph Endler New York Herald Tribune
1952 Rodney "Budd" Stahl New York Mirror
1953 Frank Engle Fairchild Publications
1954 Syd Livingston New York Journal American
1955 Raymond Doyle American Weekly
1956 James Ritchie Associated Press
1957 Arthur Rosenfeld New York Post
1958 James C O'Connor New York Mirror
1959 Thomas D Zumbo UPI
1960 Edward Kirkman New York Daily News
1961 James Antone Fairchild Publications
1962 Harry Singer New York Mirror
1963 Robert Mindlin Long Island Press
1964 Charles Grutzner New York Times
1965 Harold Phelan World-Telegram and Sun
1966 George Douris Long Island Star-Journal
1967 Gus Engelman WABC-AM
1968-69 Thomas Poster New York Post
1970 John San Antonio Long Island Press
1971-72 John Shanahan Associated Press
1973 Pati Davis UPI
1973-74 John Mulligan Associated Press
1975-76 Patrick Muldowney WABC-TV
1977 Joe Bragg WHN
1978-79 Vincent Lee New York Daily News
1980-81 Mark Lieberman New York Daily News
1982-83 Len Buder New York Times
1984 Jerry Schmetterer CNN
1985-86 Marcia Kramer New York Daily News
1987 Mitch Lebe WYNY
1988 Larry Sutton New York Daily News
1989-90 Larry Celona New York Daily News
1991-92 Harry Ryttenberg WNBC
1993-94 Phil O'Brien NY 1 News
1995-96 Deborah Wetzel WCBS-FM
1997-2000 Gabe Pressman WNBC
2001-2003 Carol Ann Riddel WNBC
2003–2005 Rich Lamb WCBS Newsradio
2006–2008 Stephannia Cleaton Staten Island Advance
2009-2012 Glenn Schuck Metro Networks
2012- Larry Seary WNBC (retired)

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