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Khamlia is a small village located on the edge of sand dunes of Erg Chebbi in southeast Morocco near the Algerian border. [1]

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The village is also called the southern gateway to the Sahara, which begins in Algeria. About 7 km from Khamlia is the larger village of Merzouga. From here you can go as far as to Taouz, Zagora and M'Fis - a mineral mine. You can go to Zagora but only with 4x4.

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In Khamlia are a few shops and a primary school. There is also already established electricity and water. The number of houses here is about 60-80 and about 250-300 people live here. There is a café and restaurant Nora, as well one and other small guesthouse.

If you love music and want to hear something a little different, you can find it in Khamlia. It is a music group Gnawa, eventually known throughout Morocco. In Essaouira there is a festival in the summer, and finally in Khamlia itself every August. But if you want to listen to Gnawa while you're here, you can go to them and they will play for you at any time. Their music is ritual and communicates with secrets. If you are open in your soul you can dance, listen, you will be like a stone that can not be moved, their music is everywhere.

Khamlia is an excellent base for desert exploration and bird watchers. The village is also known for the band Gnawa, which will play for you at any time. They are descendants of Sudanese slaves and their musical style is completely different from the Arabic style. It is spiritual music that speaks to your soul, you have a desire to dance and participate as well

Other villages around the dunes are Hassilabied, Tanamoust, Takoujt and Tisserdmine.


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Coordinates: 31°02′06″N 4°00′26″W / 31.0351°N 4.0073°W / 31.0351; -4.0073