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Khand may refer to:



  • Khand (Bansagar), a town in Madhya Pradesh in India
  • Malaj Khand, a city in Balaghat district in Madhya Pradesh in India
  • Khand, Vikramgad, a village in Maharashtra
  • Khand, a fictional country in Middle-earth in J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium


  • Pauson–Khand reaction, an organic chemical reaction
  • Sach Khand, a Sikh religious concept
  • Khande di Pahul, the Sikh ceremony of initiation also known as Amrit Sanchar
  • Khand or *Kāṇḍa, a Sanskrit word meaning "chapter", used in the names of the chapters of some Hindu books, e.g. the Ramayana

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