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Kharchia local is an Indian tall[1] landrace[2] wheat cultivar. It is native to sodic-saline soils of Kharchia tehsil of the Pali district of Rajasthan,[3] and is a line developed from selections from farmer's fields. It is the most salt tolerant wheat genotype found in India. Kharchia is red grained,[4] and is highly susceptible to rust, making it unpopular with many farmers.

Kharchia 65 is a derived cultivar of Kharchia local developed through back cross breeding with a rust resistant type. In India most of the improved salinity-resistant varieties have been developed using Kharchia 65 as base material and is used as a standard for the salt tolerance test of wheat worldwide. Yield of about 10-20 Q/ha. have been reported for Kharchia irrigated with waters having less than 10 mmhos/cm (=6400 ppm or 6400 mg/l approx).

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