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Kharkivchanka close to the Zhongshan Station in Antarctica (2014)

Kharkiv'yanka (Ukrainian) or Kharkovchanka (Russian, code name: Manufacture 404S) is a model of Antarctic off-road vehicle made at 1958 in the Soviet Union, manufactured by the Malyshev Factory.[1] Based on the AT-T tractor platform with assemblies from the T-54 tank. In December 1959 it was delivered to Antarctica and reached the South Pole. The off-road vehicle had a small kitchen, toilet, oven, and eight beds. In 1969 the second generation of Kharkivchanka was produced and delivered to Antarctica in 1975.

Technical Characteristics[edit]

  • Name: Kharkivchanka
  • Assembly: Kharkiv, Ukrainian SSR
  • Manufacturer: Malyshev Factory
  • Class: off-road vehicle
  • Platform: tractor AT-T
  • Engine: 995 hp
  • Max. speed: 30 km/h
  • Weight: 35000 kg