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OriginPeshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.
MembersAamer Shafiq, Farhan Bogra, Shiraz Khan, Sparlay Rawail

Khumariyaan is a Pashto music band from Khyber Pakthunwka province of Pakistan that also plays other styles.[1][2][3] The band has represented their Culture abroad in Ireland,[4] United Kingdom, United States of America [5][6][7] and elsewhere.


Aamer Shafiq plays guitar. He met the band members in their university in Peshawar .[8]

Farhan Bogra plays Rubab. He also works as a cultural activist. He represents Pashto music and Pashtun culture.[8]

Shiraz Khan is the band's percussionist. He plays a native Pushto music instrument known as the Zerbaghali, similar in shape to a Djembe. Shiraz holds a Bachelor's degree and Master's degree as well. He met with Farhan at their university.[8]

Sparlay Rawail is a lecturer at the National College of Arts. He first met with the three other band members at a concert for a random Jam session. Sparlay plays lead guitar and percussion.[8]


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