Khushuut coal mine

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Khushuut Coal Mine
Khushuut Coal Mine is located in Mongolia
Khushuut Coal Mine
Khushuut Coal Mine
Location Darvi sum
Aimag Khovd
Country Mongolia
Coordinates 46°48′12″N 93°18′20″E / 46.80333°N 93.30556°E / 46.80333; 93.30556Coordinates: 46°48′12″N 93°18′20″E / 46.80333°N 93.30556°E / 46.80333; 93.30556
Products Coking coal

The Khushuut Coal Mine (Mongolian: Хөшөөт) is a coal mine located in the Darvi sum in the Khovd aimag of western Mongolia.

The mine has coal reserves amounting to 460 million tonnes of coking coal, one of the largest coal reserves in Asia and the world. The mine has an annual production capacity of 3 million tonnes of coal.[1]


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