Kichi-Kemin Valley

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Kichi-Kemin Valley
Kichi-Kemin valley.jpg
Kichi-Kemin Valley
Country Kyrgyzstan
Region Chuy Region
River Kichi-Kemin River
Highest point 1700 m
Lowest point 1450 m
Area 160 km2 (62 sq mi)
Geology Pleistocene alluvium rocks

The Kichi-Kemin Valley (Kyrgyz: Кичи-Кемин өрөөнү) is located in the east part of Chuy Valley in north Kyrgyzstan between mountains Kastek and Kemin. The middle part of the valley is flat, and the western part – terraced plain. There are a number of settlements located in the valley: Boroldoy, Imeni Il'icha, Ak-Tuz, Beysheke, etc.[1]


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