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Christopher Derek Foley, commonly known as KiddChris and "Cobra", (born 1974) is an American radio host. He has hosted radio shows in several cities since 1998.

The radio show originated in his home town of Syracuse, New York. His controversial radio show made way to Wichita, Kansas (KICT T-95FM, KDGS Power 93.9FM, KANR FLY 92.7FM) which raised the ire of local church groups. Many religious organizations attempted to band together and remove KiddChris from the airwaves, but he remained on the air.

Chris then moved on to Sacramento, California where he hosted a morning show on hip-hop station. After several months, he moved into an evening show on an FM talk station. KiddChris's four-hour talk show was one of the highest-rated radio shows on the Pacific coast. While in Sacramento, Chris gained national attention by sending a series of prank phone calls made to O.J. Simpson to the popular Opie and Anthony and Howard Stern nationally syndicated shows and Thomas Kitajima eventually joined the show in Sacramento.

In the fall of 2002, KiddChris took a hiatus from radio and retired to upstate New York. There, he rejuvenated himself and prepared for his return, which occurred on the morning of January 5, 2004 in San Antonio, Texas. He hosted a highly rated show at San Antonio's K-Rock until early August 2005.

Philadelphia developments[edit]

KiddChris signed with Philadelphia rock station WYSP and The KiddChris Show began broadcasting on Monday, August 29, 2005. While Chris has made remarks that the show is "gay" and that "it'll be gone in six months," that incarnation show lasted for over two years, and the station exercised their right to extend his contract for one more.

On August 21, 2006, it was announced that The KiddChris Show had been syndicated to a rock station in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The show entered syndication on August 28, 2006.

On September 13, 2007, the Philadelphia station announced a format change from all talk to a rock/talk hybrid. The official change, which left KiddChris on during the drive-time hours of 3pm-7pm, was announced during the KiddChris Show. Moments before the announcement, Chris, with Opie and Anthony in studio, commented that "It would be a hoot if they fired us live right after the big announcement." After announcing the format change, the station dropped to music and The KiddChris Show did not return to the air, causing confusion on multiple listener-run message boards as to their fate. On September 14, 2007, Chris appeared on the Opie and Anthony show and there was no mentioning of a firing.

The show returned to the air on September 17, 2007, but with old recordings in-between music, leaving fans of the show confused as to its fate. Soon after, Chris stated that they needed to "establish the rock first. The show WILL be back", which confirmed the statements made by other sources that the show will be returning to its original form.

On the Howard Stern Show on October 22, 2007, KiddChris called in to discuss Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel. Howard quickly turned the topic of conversation to Chris' employment at the station, claiming a "pretty good source" told him Chris would take over the morning slot from Opie and Anthony relatively soon. Chris had no comment on the rumor.

On October 23, 2007, the Philadelphia rock station ended their syndication of Opie and Anthony's morning show. There was no mention of it on-air by Chris. KiddChris ended his show that night unexpectedly with Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'." He has stated on-air in the past that if anything were to "go down" in regards to the show, he would play that song (though he originally claimed the song would play in the background and he would continue on as if nothing was happening). No morning or afternoon show aired for about a month.

On November 6, 2007, KiddChris was called by possible evening DJ Tic-Tac about his future with the station. In so many words, he stated that he "will be back", but claimed not to know when or in what time slot. Callers asked whether he was joining the Howard Stern Show staff and he said that would be impossible since he is staying in Philadelphia. He reminded fans that if he was fired, he would no longer be featured on the website.

During the week of November 18, 2007, Chris's website was changed to a countdown with the tagline "Are You Ready?", set to end on Monday, November 26 at 6 AM. The countdown also appeared on his MySpace page. Prior to this, the station began to air short recordings featuring the "Are You Ready?" tagline, as well as the opening of "The Game" by Motorhead (the theme song of The KiddChris Show). The recordings varied; they included short clips from the show, clips from Brad the Cripple interviews, recordings of callers asking what happened to the show and if he was going to return in mornings and Howard Stern discussing the future of KiddChris in morning drive. However, there was no official voiceover to these clips, no direct mention of "The KiddChris Show" or any date of return.

The KiddChris Show officially returned to the airwaves on Monday, November 26, 2007 at 6 AM EST. "Philadelphia Inquirer" reporter Michael Klein reported in his Sunday column of the return of the Kidd Show. The show's move to the morning slot was notable for a few reasons. It replaced the Opie and Anthony show. In January, the show was second to rival Philadelphia morning show hosts Preston and Steve among men ages 18–34.

May 2008, KiddChris was fired over guest's parody song 3 months after it was aired. Also fired was program director John Cook.[1]

Post Philadelphia developments[edit]

After Foley's firing, he then hosted his own internet radio show for several months in 2009 until his transfer to KUFO in Portland, Oregon.[citation needed]

KiddChris announced in May 2011 on the Howard Stern Show that he was bringing his morning show to WKLS "Project 9-6-1" in Atlanta. [2]

Project 9-6-1 was discontinued in August 2012. In October 2012, he began to host mornings at WEBN in Cincinnati.

KiddChris Show Staff[edit]

  • Thomas AKA ThomasFromTheKiddChrisShow - An overweight Japanese man, who is known for his arguing and his "gay lisp". He serves as the Executive Producer of the show. He is from Sacramento. He's afraid of snakes and insects. His mother was the butt of prank calls, often the victim of a bit where the prank caller asks if she wants a subscription to "Negro Monthly".
  • Dubs - Assistant producer and show audio producer. Responsible for laughing at inappropriate times and his cheesy song parodies and prank calls. Known for wearing "mom jeans" and dating a woman in a wheelchair.
  • MEAT - The show jock. Is single and dates young woman (he's 50). Has had several puppies that died. Meat drinks and parties like he's in his late 30's still. Meat is originally from Cincinnati, OH.

Show Regulars[edit]

* Johnny Five - 16 time Special Olympics Gold Medalist located in Cincinnati, OH. Johnny is a local professional street wrestler. Johnny enjoys making viral videos challenging people (and things) to fights.

* Slow Earl - Regular caller whose slow speaking delivery and corny jokes makes for an entertaining segment. Earl is in Cincinnati, OH.

* Drunk Barry - Drunk caller located in Cincinnati, OH, who calls and asks for tickets on a regular basis.

* Beth - Is an old drunk lady located in Cincinnati, OH, who is the girlfriend of Drunk Barry.

* The Wolfpack - Members include: Jimmy Jitsu, Zimmerman, and SamFM. This group of bullies are known for prank calling news radio, and news shows.

* Uncle Milt - A 80yr old stand up comic from Philly that enjoys calling in and sharing his new silly jokes with the world.

* The War Stopper - Old lady from New Hampshire that updates the crew on world news and events and frequently is in contact with government officials.


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