Kikokushijo Academy

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Coordinates: 35°36′31.61″N 139°39′54.18″E / 35.6087806°N 139.6650500°E / 35.6087806; 139.6650500

The Kikokushijo Academy is an after-school and weekend English school in Japan specializing in returnee (kikokushijo) and bicultural children. It is associated with KAIS International School. The school teaches students ranging from ages 6 to 18 who speak English at or near native level. Kikokushijo Academy focuses on helping students pass examinations for foreign universities, as well as domestic universities, high schools, and junior high schools with special English programs.

Kikokushijo Academy has created its own R.A.T.E. (Returnee Aptitude Test of English). Returnees to Japan use this standardized test to determine their approximate English grade level. Students use the R.A.T.E. test results to choose which returnee schools best fit their abilities.

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