Kilcrea Castle

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Kilcrea Castle
Native name
Irish: Caisleán Chill Chré
Kilcrea Castle, Farran, Co. Cork - - 1243394.jpg
Coordinates51°51′54″N 8°43′05″W / 51.865°N 8.718°W / 51.865; -8.718Coordinates: 51°51′54″N 8°43′05″W / 51.865°N 8.718°W / 51.865; -8.718
AreaCounty Cork, Ireland
BuiltMid-15th century[1]
Built forMacCarthys of Muskerry
Architectural style(s)Fortified tower house and bawn
Governing bodyOn private land
Kilcrea Castle is located in Ireland
Kilcrea Castle
Kilcrea Castle in Ireland

Kilcrea Castle is a ruined 15th century towerhouse and bawn located to the west of Kilcrea Friary near Ovens in County Cork, Ireland. The ruins are mostly hidden by a thick copse of trees.

Unlike the Friary, which is owned and maintained by the National Monuments Service of Ireland,[2] the ruins are on privately owned lands, the land immediate to, and including the ruins themselves, currently serving as a cattle farm. The castle is listed as a Protected Structure by Cork County Council.[3]


The castle was completed by 1465 by Cormac Láidir Mór (or More), chief of the McCarthy clan and builder of Blarney Castle and Carrignamuck Tower House, in a marshy area over an old fort possibly dating to the Bronze Age.[4]

The overall structure was built facing north (towards the River Bride), with the main five-story tower house on the western side and the bawn on the eastern side towards the friary.[5] The remains of a three-story tower anchor the southeast corner of the bawn. Text from the 1840s state that the bawn was enclosed with two square towers,[6] however any physical evidence of a second tower on the bawn is lost to the undergrowth.

In the mid-19th century a cutting of the now disused Cork and Macroom Railway line was built through the moat of the castle on the northern side.



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