Finns Leinster Journal

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Finn's Leinster Journal
Finn's Leinster Journal 1794.jpg
Owner(s) Edmund Finn, Catherine Finn
Founder(s) Edmund Finn
Founded 1767
Ceased publication 1922
Headquarters Kilkenny
Sister newspapers Leinster Journal, Kilkenny Journal, Leinster Commercial, Literary Advertiser

Finn's Leinster Journal (1767–1801), later Leinster Journal (1801–1830), Kilkenny Journal and Leinster Commercial and Literary Advertiser (1832–1922), was a newspaper published in Kilkenny, Ireland.[1]

Founded by Edmund Finn in 1767, it brought prosperity to the Finn family. In 1777 after the death of her husband, Catherine Finn became famous for running the paper while raising seven children.

It was published in Kilkenny on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Some content was relevant to Carlow and it was sold as far away as Castledermot.

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