Killing Time (1998 film)

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Killing Time
Killing Time (film).jpg
Directed by Bharat Nalluri
Produced by Richard Johns
Written by Neil Marshall
Starring Craig Fairbrass
Nigel Leach
Kendra Torgan
Music by Alan Ari Lazar
Christopher Slaski
Cinematography Sam McCurdy
Edited by Neil Marshall
Distributed by Avalanche Releasing
Release date
30 January 1998
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Killing Time is a 1998 British crime film written by Neil Marshall and directed by Bharat Nalluri.[1]


After the mobster who murdered his partner is acquitted, semi-corrupt detective Robert Bryant (Craig Fairbrass) hires a beautiful Italian female assassin, Maria (Kendra Torgan), to kill him. When he discovers that he cannot afford Maria's services, Bryant is forced to hire another assassin, Madison, to kill her. Maria survives the doublecross and sets out to collect what's owed to her, one way or another.

Most of the movie takes place in a hotel room where the thugs come one by one to kill off the hitwoman.

The hitwoman, in between taking a bath, listening to instructional tapes and listening to music, dispatches all the thugs one by one, hence the opening title.

While the thugs sit around and wait to hear back from whichever one they've sent off to do the hitwoman in, the police officer Bryant and his partner investigate an antique store killing, which rapidly becomes a debate about character when Bryant's partner quickly figures out that Bryant is involved. In the end, more violence and a clever twist.


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