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Theatrical poster to Killpoint
Directed by Frank Harris
Produced by Frank Harris
Written by Frank Harris
Starring Richard Roundtree, Leo Fong, Cameron Mitchell, Stack Pierce, Hope Holiday, Diane Stevenett, James Lew, Branscombe Richmond
Music by Herman Jeffreys, Diane Stevenett, Daryl Stevenett
Country United States
Language English

Killpoint is a 1984 American action film directed by Frank Harris that stars Richard Roundtree, Cameron Mitchell, Leo Fong, Stack Pierce, Hope Holiday, and Diane Stevenett.

A psychopathic illegal arms dealer,[1] Joe Marks, played by Cameron Mitchell, and his gang headed by Nighthawk, played by Stack Pierce, rob a National Guard armory with the intent of selling arms to gangs and criminals in Los Angeles. Lt. James Long, played by Leo Fong, and FBI agent Bill Bryant, played by Richard Roundtree, go after Marks.[2]


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