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Killyloch is a malt whisky which was distilled at the Glenflagler Malt Distillery and was first distilled and bonded in February 1965. Glenflagler Malt Distillery was a historic “Lowland” malt distillery and was closed and demolished by Inver House Distillers Limited in July 1985.

The name Killyloch is a corruption of a local loch, Lillyloch and is believed to have occurred as a result of an incorrect stencil being used to mark the early barrels.

Killyloch™ first used in commerce 12/18/1964 and initially trademark by Continental Distilling Corporation on a registration date of 5/24/1966. Currently is under a trademark 494039800079 [1] and copyright VA00181898 [2] by Veni-Vidi-Vici LLC.


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