Kim Winona

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Kim Winona
Kim Winona.jpg
Born Constance Mackey
(1930-10-10)October 10, 1930
Nebraska, United States
Died June 23, 1978 (aged 47)
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Other names Constance Elaine Mackey[1]
Constance Marlow
Occupation Actress, fine art painter and art teacher

Kim Winona (October 10, 1930 – June 23, 1978) was a Native American actress. A Sioux Native American, Winona appeared with Keith Larsen in the CBS western television series Brave Eagle during 1955-1956 season.[2]

Born in Nebraska as Constance Elaine Mackey, Winona was 25 years old when she landed the role of Morning Star, the beautiful romantic interest of Larsen's title role of Brave Eagle on Brave Eagle. A Roy Rogers production, Brave Eagle was the first series to present events from the view of the Native Indian protagonists.

Winona gave birth to two daughters, Migan in 1962 and Michelle in 1973. She died in June 1978 at the age of 47, reportedly at her own hand.


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