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This article is about the term in martial arts. For the surname, see Kime (surname). For the ghost town in the United States, see Kime, Missouri.
Kime at the WC 2014

Kime (Japanese: 決め) is a Japanese word. It is the noun form of the verb "kimeru," which means "to decide,". (Random House, 1996, Japanese-English, English-Japanese Dictionary, p. 126).

Kime is a commonly used Japanese martial arts term. In karate it can mean "power" and/or "focus," describing the instantaneous tensing at the correct moment during a technique. The tension at this time is mostly focused on the dantian ("hara") and abdomen. In judo, the "Kime-no-kata" is often translated to "Kata of Decision." In other budō, the term refers to attacking a pressure point. In all cases, certain finality is implied.