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Kinderstern/Star for Children, is an artwork the German artist Imi Knoebel has created since 1988. The artwork is entirely donated to projects for children in need. The Star for Children has so far collected donations of four million Euros and is the only artwork worldwide which proceeds go a 100% to children in need. The "Star for Children in Need" receives support through artists and collectors, musicians and actors/actresses,[1] museums like Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin and Sammlung Grässlin in the Blackforest[2][3] and art fairs.[4][5]


Kinderstern stands for the Children's rights .


Drawing by Johannes Stuettgen. Art transforms itself to stand for the Children's rights

The Kinderstern is a Social sculpture,[6] realizing the extended notion of art, formulated 1967 by Joseph Beuys, by which art also ought to change society. Donations given to Kinderstern transform the donated money to being a Bearer of the Right of a Child, exposing a deeper purpose of money: Bearer of Human Rights. Kinderstern stands for the Rights and dignity of all Children. It stands for the right of a home, of food, of generous attention, medical care, and education. This patronage unifies unredeemed Rights of Children, Kinderstern is their artwork in times of need.


Kinderstern on tour 2011

In 1988, the Star for Children was printed for the first time as silkscreen in red. This print was, next to original prints from the artists Sol LeWitt, Jörg Immendorff, Sigmar Polke, Max Bill, Heinz Mack, Keith Haring, part of a portfolio created under the auspices of Lothar Späth,[7] minister-president of Baden-Württemberg/Germany. Title of the portfolio: „Kinderstern“/Star for Children . Its proceeds supported the financing of accommodations for parents close to pediatric clinics. Imi Knoebels artistic intention that lead and tied him to the Star for Children went beyond the first project. His intention aimed at continuity and expansion. Star for Children became the agenda with the promise to actively step into the breach in the name of children. In the same year with headquarters in Düsseldorf a non-profit organization was founded under the name Kinderstern/Star for Children . Their responsibilities included detecting projects of non-profit organizations already carried out serving children in need. Imi Knoebel, as the artistic initiator not a member, committed himself to continuously producing stars for the non profit organization. Almost every year new Stars for Children are released in limited colors. These Stars for Children are donated as an appreciation to all contributors who support the agenda of the Star for Children.


  • 1991 Art Cologne
  • 1993 Art Frankfurt
  • 2010 Art Cologne
  • 2010 art forum berlin
  • 2011 Pure Freude Düsseldorf
  • 2012 Herberholz Frankfurt
  • 2014: Pure Freude Düsseldorf
  • 2015: Pure Freude Düsseldorf
  • 2016: Pure Freude Düsseldorf
  • 2016: Herberholz Frankfurt
  • 2017: Pure Freude Düsseldorf

Kinderstern Sponsorships and Cooperations[edit]

2010 art forum berlin
  • Grace P. Kelly Foundation [8]
  • Association for the Fight against Mucoviscidosis,
  • Union Tschernobyl, Aid for Tschernobyl victims in the Ukraine
  • Fanconi Anemia Project, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.
  • Aid for Bulgaria
  • Christian Campaign Man and Environment for the Pediatric Clinic Nr. 14 Ochmatdet, Kiew [9]
  • Medical child protection day ward at the Protestant Hospital in Düsseldorf
  • Arco Iris Foundation for Street Kids in La Paz/Bolivia
  • The children´s Right Foundation. World in Union e. V. Düsseldorf.
  • Order of the Poor Brothers in Düsseldorf, accommodating homeless children.
  • Children's Planet Heidelberg/Germany
  • Phönikks, a Foundation for psycho social help, Hamburg/Germany
  • Peacevillage Oberhausen/Germany, aid for children in war zones
  • Children´s village Baan Gerda for HIV orphans in Nong Muang/ Thailand
  • German Economic Foundation for Humanitarian Help/WHH
  • From the Hearts to the Hearts – cardiac operations for child victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam
  • SonKy Orphanage in Saigon/Vietnam financing the buying of a new house for orphans
  • Outback Stiftung, Refugee Home Düsseldorf, language training and social aid for child refugees
  • Ullaaitivu Children's Aid, Sri Lanka
  • Support of Waaga e.V., medical Aid for children from Afghanistan
  • Caritas Mettmann, Projects for refugee children
  • Königinnen und Helden, neighborhood Integration Projects in Düsseldorf
  • Schlaufox, Hamburg, Initiative to support immigrant children Education
  • Diakonie Kaiserswerth, language training and integrative Dance-Workshops

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