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Jorge Ayala (born February 14, 1944, in Formosa, Argentina) better known as King Clave, is an Argentine singer and songwriter whose hits were known in the 70's and 80's.


King Clave's career began in Argentina's Canal 13. He was later featured in the show "Sábados Circulares de Mancera." From there, he went on to act in "Special", "Tropicana Club", "Sábados de la bondad," and other shows.

In 1973 he acted in the show "Sábado Sensacional de Amador Bendayan" (Amador Bendayan's Sensational Saturday) in Venevisión, Venezuela and in 1974 he decided to be his own record producer and recorded his first international album with the hit "Los Hombres no deben llorar", followed by "Mi corazón lloro" (My heart cried), "Usted me dejo llorando" (You left me crying), "Tema de amor para una chiquilina" (A little girl's love's theme), "Nunca mas podré olvidarte" (I'll never forget you), "Por culpa de tu amor" (Because of your love), among others.

In 1976 he debuted in Raúl Velasco's "Siempre en Domingo" (Always on Sunday). Since then, he has given shows across the world.

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