King Neptune's Adventure

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King Neptune's Adventure
Box art for King Neptune's Adventure
Developer(s)Color Dreams
Publisher(s)Color Dreams
Platform(s)Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre(s)Adventure game
Mode(s)Single player

King Neptune's Adventure is an unlicensed adventure game created for the Nintendo Entertainment System by Color Dreams. Players play as King Neptune, as they venture though ships, oceans and Atlantis.


Eight of King Neptune's treasures have been stolen over the years, including his most powerful one, the magical Orb of Peace. Those under the sea are worried, as peace is at risk. You as King Neptune must return the Orb of Peace to King Neptune’s castle and restore peace to his oceanic kingdom. King Neptune is armed with bouncing lightshots, as well as bubble bombs. You collect health, and bombs by destroying enemies. The 8 treasures can be recovered by beating bosses or with the help of the dolphins.


Most of the games cartridge's came in a baby blue color but like most other Color Dreams games it also came in black, the black being more uncommon than the baby blue variant.

Other versions[edit]

There is a French translated version of King Neptune's Adventure.

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