King Shaolin

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King Shaolin
Band member from King Shaolinn
Background information
Origin Bratislava, Slovakia
Genres New-age pop, new wave
Years active 2011 (2011)–present
Members Dominik Štofko
Michal Neffe
Norbert Neuschl
Michal Skácel
Past members Michal Uličný

King Shaolin are a four-piece new-age pop band. Formed in Bratislava, Slovakia in 2011, the band consists of Dominik Štofko (lead vocals and guitar), Michal Neffe (back vocals, guitar, percussions), Norbert Neuschl (back vocals, bass) and Michal Skácel (drums). The band's debut album "Road to the Machiavelli Valley was released 15 December 2012.


  • Dominik Štofko - lead vocal, guitar
  • Michal Neffe - back vocals, guitar, percussions
  • Norbert Neuschl - back vocals, bassguitar, percussions
  • Michal Skácel - drums, percussions


New-Age Popsters KING SHAOLIN announce the release of their highly anticipated new album Road To The Machiavelli Valley out December 15, 2012, by an Independent Label "LIVE DRIVE" and first digital distribution on Beatban. Recorded in Bratislava, Slovakia and mixed in Los Angeles with renowned producer Nathan Lively (Zé dos Frangos, Bruno Benetton Free Band, etc.), the album features 12 original tracks written by Dominik Stofko. King Shaolin offer a fresh take on the term soul-pop. The first single "Never Knows" was featured on MTV Czech republic. The second single "Japan"[1] was featured on Radio FM. Music video for the song "Japan" has been made by Malcolm Tan from Singapore and Janka O´ska from Slovak Republic. In 2013 King Shaolin extensively toured across Europe, playing a total of 140 shows. In January 2014 the band became the official touring band for world-renowned artist Celeste Buckingham. In October 2014 they released single "Friend", which featured daily on Fun Rádio.[2] In June 2015 KING SHAOLIN won second prize at the CARPATHIA FESTIVAL - International song contest in Rzeszow (Poland). Dominik Štofko also received a prize for best song composition.[3] March 2016 the band released single "Money In My Soul", featured daily on Europa 2 radio. [4] In March 2017, the band released their second studio album PLAY AGAINST THE RULES.[5] They also announced a four-week tour to support the record, which was to begin on March 03 2017.

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