Kings River (Ireland)

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Kings River
Abhainn Rí
Kings River at Kells
Physical characteristics
 - locationSlieveardagh Hills
 - location
Celtic Sea, as the River Nore
Length46.27 kilometres (28.75 mi)
Basin features
River systemThree Sisters

The Kings River (Irish: Abhainn Rí) is a river in Ireland, flowing through County Tipperary and County Kilkenny. It is a tributary of the River Nore.

It has its source in the Slieveardagh Hills in south County Tipperary. It has many tributaries of its own. There are three main tributaries that are not named but are the original sources. One started as a spring in the townsland of Ballyphilip. The two remaining tributaries rise in the townsland of Gurteen. It flows southeast from the hills and crosses into County Kilkenny. It is joined by the Munster River before passing through the town of Callan. It continues eastwards from Callan, past Kells and joins the River Nore west of Thomastown.

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Coordinates: 52°51′N 7°27′W / 52.850°N 7.450°W / 52.850; -7.450