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Town and Capital
Kingstown, Saint Vincent
Kingstown, Saint Vincent
Nickname(s): "City Of Arches"[1]
Kingstown is located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Location in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Coordinates: 13°09′28″N 061°13′30″W / 13.15778°N 61.22500°W / 13.15778; -61.22500Coordinates: 13°09′28″N 061°13′30″W / 13.15778°N 61.22500°W / 13.15778; -61.22500[2]
Country Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Island Saint Vincent
Parish Saint George
Founded 1722
Population (2014 est)
 • Total Increase 40,020
Time zone Eastern Caribbean Time Zone (ECT) (UTC-4)
Area code 784

Kingstown is the capital, chief port, and main commercial centre of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. With a population of 40,020 (2014), Kingstown is the most populous as well as the largest settlement by area in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It is the centre for the island's agricultural industry and a port of entry for tourists. The city lies within the parish of Saint George in the south-west corner of Saint Vincent. Exports include bananas which are shipped mainly to the United Kingdom, coconuts, and arrowroot.[citation needed]

It is built partially on reclaimed land and is the location of many important buildings, including the Financial Complex which was built in 1991 and accommodates the Office of the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister as well as those of other departments of government, a Court Office of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court and almost all of the governmental ministries.[citation needed]


The modern capital, Kingstown, was originally founded by French settlers shortly after 1722, and while Saint Vincent had witnessed 196 years of British rule before her independence, visitors will notice many examples of her French heritage.

The botanical garden, conceived in 1765, is one of the oldest in the Western hemisphere. William Bligh, made famous from the Mutiny on the Bounty, brought seeds of the Breadfruit tree here for planting, ca 1793.[3]


  • Botanic Gardens St. Vincent: Located on the northern outskirts of Kingstown are the Botanical Gardens. Kingstown is overlooked by Fort Charlotte, on the north side of town. It is located 190 m above sea level.[4]




Located in the city is a bus terminal built in 1988.[citation needed]


Ferries run daily between Saint Vincent and the Grenadine Islands and dock at Grenadine Wharf.[citation needed]


Of the 77 schools located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, 18 are situated in Kingstown, eight primary, nine secondary and one college—The Kingstown Technical College. Several of the schools located there were established over 100 years ago such as the Saint Vincent Grammar School (est. 1908) and the Saint Vincent Girls' High School (est. 1911). Also located in the city is an Open Campus of The University of the West Indies.[citation needed]

British Colony[edit]

Its capital is Kingstown, also its main port. The country has a French and British colonial history and is now part of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, CARICOM, the Commonwealth of Nations, the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).In 1834, and an apprenticeship period followed which ended in 1838. After its end, labour shortages on the plantations resulted, and this was initially addressed by the immigration of indentured servants. In the late 1840s many Portuguese immigrants arrived from Madeira and between 1861 and 1888 shiploads of East Indian labourers arrived.[citation needed]

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