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Kinky Gerlinky was a London clubnight that began in 1989, hosted by fashion impresarios Michael and Gerlinde Kostiff and hosted by Winn Austin. Following in the footsteps of 80s clubs such as the Blitz and Taboo, Kinky Gerlinky was where clubbing culture met outrageous fashion and 'out there' drag. Whilst primarily regarded as a gay club, it was actually one that attracted revellers of all sexualities as well as genders and races.

Kinky Gerlinky took place monthly in the West End, starting life at Legends, then the Café de Paris, before moving onto Shaftesbury's, and finally the Empire Ballroom in Leicester Square. The Kinky Gerlinky nights were compered by Winston and Stella Stein.[1] Music was supplied by the resident DJs Princess Julia, Tasty Tim, Martin Confusion and Rachel Auburn, whilst entertainment was provided by regular live music and drag performances, as well as a catwalk show.

Amongst the regulars of Kinky Gerlinky included Boy George, Leigh Bowery,[2] DJ Jon of the Pleased Wimmin, Transformer,[3] Maur Valance, MC Kinky, and Sheila Tequila.

Kinky Gerlinky's resident photographer, Dick Jewell (artist), produced a DVD/film, titled Kinky Gerlinky, in 2002[4] that celebrates the infamous club nights. Kinky Gerlinky was highly influential in the next generation of clubs such as Puscha, Kashpoint and Nag Nag Nag.


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