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Kinner R Playboy NS-22 (6958078949).jpg
Role Sporting monoplane
Manufacturer Kinner Airplane & Motor Corporation
Designer Max B. Harlow
First flight 1933
Number built 13[1]

The Kinner R Playboy was a 1930s American two-seat sporting monoplane built by Kinner Airplane & Motor Corporation.[1]

Design and development[edit]

The Playboy was a two-seat (side-by-side) sporting monoplane designed by Max B. Harlow and built by the Kinner Airplane & Motor Corporation in 1933.[2] Originally built with an enclosed cockpit the sole R was modified to have an open cockpit as the Kinner R-1 Playboy. Production aircraft were designated Kinner R-5 Playboy. one of the 12 built being supplied to the China Aviation Assn (Shanghai), fitted with a 210 hp (157 kW) Kinner C-5 engine.[1]


Data from:[1]

Kinner R Playboy
The original closed cockpit version of the Playboy.
Kinner R-1 Playboy
The r modified to have an open cockpit.
Kinner R-5 Playboy
The production version with enclosed cockpit, 12 aircraft were built.

Specifications (R-5)[edit]

Data from [1]

General characteristics

  • Crew: 2
  • Length: 24 ft 2 in (7.37 m)
  • Wingspan: 32 ft 9 in (9.98 m)
  • Gross weight: 809 lb (367 kg)
  • Powerplant: 1 × Kinner R-5 5-cyl. air-cooled radial piston engine, 160 hp (120 kW)
  • Propellers: 2-bladed metal propeller


  • Maximum speed: 138 mph (222 km/h; 120 kn)
  • Cruise speed: 125 mph (201 km/h; 109 kn)
  • Stall speed: 55 mph (89 km/h; 48 kn)
  • Range: 600 mi (521 nmi; 966 km)
  • Service ceiling: 14,000 ft (4,300 m)



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