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A Kashihara Line train passing Yakushi-ji

The Kintetsu Kashihara Line (近鉄橿原線 Kintetsu Kashihara-sen?) is a north-south bound railway line connecting Yamato-Saidaiji Station and Kashiharajingu-mae Station in Nara Prefecture, in Japan, operated by the private railway operator Kintetsu. Most Express and Limited Express trains go through to the Kyoto Line, and some Express operate between Kyoto and Tenri via the line between Saidaiji and Hirahata Stations.

Route data[edit]


The Osaka Electric Railway co. opened the line as dual track, electrified at 600 VDC, between 1921 and 1923. That company merged with Kintetsu in 1944.

In 1969 the line voltage was raided to 1500 VDC.

Former connecting lines[edit]

  • Hirahata station - The 4km 1435mm gauge line to Horyuji on the Kansai Main Line operated between 1915 and 1945.
  • Tawaramoto station - the Yamato Railway Co. oerated a 1067mm gauge line to Sakurai between 1922 and 1958.


  • S: Trains stop.
  • *: Express trains and Kyoto-Kashihara limited express trains stop on off-peak hours.
  • Local trains stop at every station.
  • Yagi-nishiguchi Station is officially a part of Yamato-Yagi Station
No. Station Distance
Express Limited
Transfers Location
Through section from Yamato-Saidaiji to Kyoto on the Kyoto Line
(Local trains, express trains, and limited express trains)
B26 Yamato-Saidaiji 0.0 S S Kintetsu Kyoto Line (through services available)
Kintetsu Nara Line (A26)
Nara Nara
B27 Amagatsuji 1.6
B28 Nishinokyō 2.8 * *
B29 Kujō 4.0 Yamatokoriyama
B30 Kintetsu Kōriyama 5.5 S
B31 Tsutsui 8.4
B32 Hirahata 9.9 S Kintetsu Tenri Line (H32) (through services available)
B33 Family Kōen Mae 10.9
B34 Yūzaki 12.4 Kawanishi
B35 Iwami 13.8 Miyake
B36 Tawaramoto 15.9 S Kintetsu Tawaramoto Line (I36: Nishi-Tawaramoto Station) Tawaramoto
B37 Kasanui 17.3
B38 Ninokuchi 19.1 Kashihara
B39 Yamato-Yagi 20.5 S S Kintetsu Osaka Line (D39)
B40 Yagi-nishiguchi 20.5 S Sakurai Line (Unebi Station)
B41 Unebigoryōmae 22.8 S
B42 Kashiharajingū-mae 23.8 S S Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line (F42)
Kintetsu Yoshino Line (F42)
Through section from Hirahata to Tenri on the Tenri Line
(Local trains and express trains)


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