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Kirène is a small town in western Senegal about 70 km from the capital, Dakar.


It lies about 20 km from the nearest railway station, Thiès, on the railway network of Senegal.


The town has a cement works, which is being expanded in 2008.You can also find a company called SIAGRO (Société Industrielle Agroalimentaire) that produces bottled water "Kirène" nectar juice "Préssèa" simple milk "Candia" and flavored milk "Candy Up" . The SIAGRO employs approximately 200 employees and 75% from the surrounding villages (Kirène, Diass, Sindia, .....)

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Coordinates: 14°40′09″N 17°02′29″W / 14.66917°N 17.04139°W / 14.66917; -17.04139