Kiribati presidential election, 2012

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Kiribati presidential election, 2012
2007 ←
13 January 2012 → 2017
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Nominee Anote Tong Tetaua Taitai Rimeta Beniamina
Running mate Teima Onorio
Popular vote 14,315 11,886 7,738
Percentage 42.18% 35.02% 22.80%

President before election

Anote Tong

Elected President

Anote Tong

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A presidential election was held in Kiribati on 13 January 2012,[1] following a two-round parliamentary election held in October 2011.[2] Incumbent President Anote Tong sought re-election to a third four-year term, ending months of speculation about his decision.[3][4]

Tong beat Tetaua Taitai and Rimeta Beniamina, who led the Kamaeuraoan Te I-Kiribati political party in the last parliament,[5] with a little over 42% of the vote.[6]


The president, who is elected by popular vote from among three or four candidates chosen by legislators from within the parliament, is limited to three four-year terms under the constitution.[5]


The election, initially scheduled for 30 December 2011, was postponed to 13 January 2012 in order to allow citizens of the country to travel to celebrate the New Year.[7]


The new House of Assembly of Kiribati nominated three candidates for the presidency following the 2011 parliamentary election.[5]


Incumbent President Anote Tong was the outright winner and re-elected as president of Kiribati, with an aggregate total of 14,315 votes or 42% of the total vote.[6] President Tong defeated his closest challenger, Tetaui Taitai, by more than 7%, or 2,500 votes.[6] The third challenger, Rimeta Beniamina, only received 7,738 votes. Tong was the leading candidate in 14 out of the 23 constituencies.[8][9]

President Tong's percentage of the vote (42%) was much less than his 2007 re-election, when he received 64% of the popular vote.[6]

Voter turnout in Kiribati was approximately 68% for the election.[8] This was higher than the 2007 presidential election, when voter participation was a little over 50%.[6]

e • d Summary of the 13 January 2012 Kiribatian presidential election results
Candidates - Parties Votes %
Anote TongThe Pillars of Truth 14,315 42.18
Tetaua Taitai 11,886 35.02
Rimeta BeniaminaKamaeuraoan Te I-Kiribati 7,738 22.80
Total (turnout ~68%) 33,939 100.00
Source: Kiribati Online Community


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